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Does the cost of charter cause you to seriously consider aircraft ownership or leasing? It may suit your investment goals. Honaker Aviation is the largest broker of business aircraft shares in Kentuckiana and we can help guide you through your options.

We understand that, for many, owning an aircraft is a dream come true. Deciding what aircraft, or part of one, works best for you should be fun – not full of anxiety and doubt. At Honaker Aviation, we can ensure the acquisition is not full of unwanted surprises. We have the experience to walk you through the entire process.

In addition, if you already own an aircraft, we can help you sell or charter it. We would be glad to come to you and help guide you toward the option that fits your best interests. Our services can ensure your return on investment is optimized.

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Jets Turboprop Piston

For more information, contact Kevin Happel @ 502.558.1260